XTEND to Develop Multi-Drone Operating System for Israeli MoD

XTEND's XOS human-guided autonomous operating system can enable operators to control dozens of human-guided semi-autonomous drones simultaneously By Caroline Rees / 24 Jan 2023
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XTEND has been awarded a $20 million contract by the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the development and supply of a first-of-its-kind multi-drone operating system.

The new joint project with MAFAT and the Israeli Ministry of Directorate of Defense Research & Development, will see XTEND’s XOS human-guided autonomous operating system enable the remote, safe, and intuitive operation of dozens of human-guided semi-autonomous drones simultaneously, utilizing the latest virtual reality, edge processing and AI technology. 

XOS will allow XTEND’s drones to be deployed remotely by military units in various scenarios precisely, intuitively, and immersively. The unique joint initiative enables operators to control, interact, and run third party applications on the drones remotely, keeping forces out of danger, while fusing an operator’s expertise with machine autonomy, VR and AI. 

“We are very honored and excited to have been chosen once again by MAFAT, and to collaborate with them on this game-changing project,” said Ido Bar-On, VP BD & Sales, XTEND. “Our continued partnership reflects the trust the Israeli Ministry of Defense has in our company’s team and technology. XTEND’s deep collaboration with MAFAT in recent years has already been operationally proven time and again, reducing the risk to operators and providing them with best of breed technology to give them an operational edge. XTEND and the Ministry of Defense are working to secure the cooperation of other ally countries in this development program.”

XOS is easily programmable and configurable to suit different needs outside defense, as Aviv Shapira, co-founder, and CEO at XTEND, explains: “Scalable, affordable, and infinitely flexible, XOS’s unique operating system allows humans to connect and interact with drones, robots, vehicles, smart devices, and smart machines remotely, safely, and intuitively. Letting almost anyone to control multiple remote machines simultaneously – using advanced VR technology, on top of an AI layer. Alongside defense, XOS is providing a new way for public safety, inspection and homeland security professionals to interact with machines virtually in various civilian scenarios.”

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