New Tactical Electronic Intelligence System for UAVs

TacSense provides high-performance ESM in tactical scenarios and covers the entire radar frequency spectrum By Mike Ball / 10 Nov 2022
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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled TacSense, the company’s latest electronic support measures (ESM) system. TacSense delivers enhanced ESM performance in a compact form factor with a minimal SWaP (size, weight and power) footprint, and can be deployed on a range of tactical platforms including sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems).

TacSense is designed to provide high-performance ESM in tactical scenarios, such as ground force maneuvers, discreet operation from fixed installations, and operation from aerial platforms that are limited in their capacity to contain large sensors.

Tactical forces are increasingly exposed to electronic threats on the modern battlefield, including tactical radars in use by commando and guerilla units, ground-based and airborne radars for search and targeting, and other electromagnetic activity such as communications and radar jamming. Therefore, it is imperative to provide forces with the means to detect hostile electromagnetic activity – taking the force from “electronic blindness” to full electronic awareness, and thereby ensuring their safety and mission success.

Capitalizing on IAI-ELTA’s heritage in the design and development of advanced radar and ESM technologies, TacSense employs the latest techniques to intercept, classify, track and analyze radars, including state-of-the-art Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) emitters. Covering the entire radar frequency spectrum, TacSense provides powerful, comprehensive ESM capabilities, affording operators a real-time understanding of hostile radars that are threatening them with surveillance and targeting. Moreover, it detects forces beyond visual range, and even under deep cover, where radar and EO/IR systems are unable to penetrate.

TacSense has been selected for use by a first customer, and has been contracted for delivery of several tens of operational systems.

Adi Dulberg, VP & General Manager, IAI/ELTA Intelligence, Comms & EW Division, said: “With the ever-increasing proliferation of radar technology in the tactical arena, whether for defensive purposes or targeting, ESM is gaining critical importance in contending with the electronic threats. With TacSense, we are now able to answer the need for a compact and cost-effective ESM system with superb performance. The system can be easily deployed by mobile forces, and its size and cost make it equally effective for protecting high-value fixed installations.”

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