Unmanned Helicopter for High-Precision Aerial LiDAR Mapping

TOPODRONE has announced the new LiDAR PRIME + aOrion Heli-E system, which incorporates Velodyne Lidar's long-range Alpha Prime sensor for high-precision, large area aerial mapping By Sarah Simpson / 15 Sep 2022
Unmanned Helicopter High Precision Aerial LiDAR Mapping
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TOPODRONE, a Swiss based designer and manufacturer of high-precision lidar equipment for installation on drones, vehicles and backpacks, has announced the synchronization of the LiDAR PRIME scanner and the aOrion Heli-E UAV, enabled by Velodyne’s Alpha Prime sensor.

This mapping solution fills the gap between heavyweight and expensive manned aerial lidar systems and lightweight drone lidar systems. It allows users to expand their applications to survey large areas that were previously only possible to survey using manned airplanes or helicopters.

LiDAR PRIME is TOPODRONE’s most advanced lidar system, with a working range up to 300 meters covering a 500-meter corridor width and more than 20 km2 per flight with the aOrion helicopter. LiDAR PRIME + aOrion Heli-E system is enabled by the Alpha Prime sensor, Velodyne’s world-class, long-range lidar sensor.

“The system provides users the opportunity to capture tens of kilometers of power lines, dozens or even hundreds of square kilometers of a surveying area when a manual inspection, piloted helicopter or a multicopter bring too much risk, high expenses, or can not meet the challenge”, Maxim Baklykov, CEO at TOPODRONE, explains.

Velodyne’s lidar provides TOPODRONE the outstanding quality, working range and capabilities for mapping solutions. The partnership with Velodyne has helped TOPODRONE to substantially increase the number of products for the surveying and mapping markets.

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