Fully Autonomous Industrial Drone Inspection System Launched

Truly "unmanned" autonomous inspection S400 quadcopter and K01 docking station revealed by GDU-Tech By Sarah Simpson / 26 Jul 2022
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Fully Autonomous Drone Industrial Inspection System Launched
S400 Drone and K01 Hangar

GDU Tech Co., Ltd. has unveiled the professional S400 quadrotor drone and K01 automatic docking station. Designed for totally unmanned flight, without reliance on drone pilots for flight control, maintenance and recharging, GDU-Tech aims to tackle current limitations in technology training, personnel cost and management, that are restricting the expansion of drone use in industrial sectors.

Implementation of the “1 + N” roadmap initiated

At the new product press conference themed “Leading the low altitude airspace infrastructure construction”, GDU announced the initiation of the “1 + N” roadmap, under which the company will develop payloads, software, and systems that can truly solve the core pain points faced by industries using drones.

The solutions will be based on actual needs through one general drone platform (the S400 UAV and K01 automatic docking station) handling all possible vertical application scenarios (such as power, fire rescue, etc.), making the drone a tool that can solve practical problems.

Key advantages of the S400 UAV

GDU’s R&D director, Xue Yuan, elaborated on six advantages of the S400:

  • The S400 drone can be used as a signal relay to expand the scope of operation under weak or no signal circumstances
  • Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance using millimeter wave radar perception
  • 63 minute endurance facilitates a wider range of operations
  • 1K ultra HD infrared thermal camera with 1280*1024 pixel resolution
  • Quadra-sensor camera with 21T computing power that can greatly enhance operational speed and accuracy of target recognition
  • The unit is easily portable and can be folded into a backpack

Two highlights of K01 that make the docking station and the drone truly “unmanned”

The two highlights of the K01 automated docking station are the integrated design with the S400 drone and the snow and freezing rain proof rolling hatch cover, broadening application scenarios. The whole machine meets the protection level of IP54, capable of operating normally from -35°C to +35°C. Equipped with a weather station and internal and external cameras, the application can achieve 24-hour remote real-time monitoring.

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