Fixed-Wing UAV Systems: Modular VTOL, Long-Range Maritime UAV, Tactical ISR UAS

Fixed-Wing and Hybrid VTOL UAVs for Tactical ISR & Monitoring

Tekever's maritime and land-based small tactical UAS deliver critical and timely intelligence for demanding applications By Mike Ball / 07 Jun 2022
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Tekever, a leading developer of advanced UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) systems that provide actionable real-time data for superior decision-making, has partnered with Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) to demonstrate their expertise in this field. The ‘Platinum’ profile highlights the company’s maritime and land-based small tactical UAS (STUAS), which can be operated by Tekever to provide a surveillance-as-a-service solution, or delivered to customers in conjunction with expert training and support to provide a standalone capability.

AR3 Long Range VTOLThe Tekever AR3 is a long-endurance UAV designed to operate from on board a ship to support a wide variety of land and sea-based missions.

The long-range fixed-wing aircraft is available in a standard catapult-launched version or with a hot-swappable VTOL fixed-wing capability for a reduced logistical footprint.

The system offers real-time HD video collection, processing and transmission from multiple EO/IR sensors, and can also be equipped with a range of other payloads including SAR and communications relays.

Hand launched UAVThe Tekever AR4 is a lightweight hand-launched UAV designed for rapid deployment in both military and commercial applications.

The easy-to-operate system provides real-time high-resolution imagery and video, and features intelligent target detection, identification and tracking capabilities. Multiple payload options include EO sensors, near-infrared to LWIR sensors, and communications relays.

ar5 long range fixed wing naval uavThe Tekever AR5 is an advanced medium-altitude, medium-endurance fixed-wing platform designed for maritime missions such as patrolling, search and rescue, and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance).

With a 50 kg payload capacity, the AR5 can be equipped with a range of payload options for flexible multi-mission capabilities, including EO/IR sensors, maritime radar, SAR (synthetic aperture radar) and AIS. The naval UAV platform is equipped with BRLOS (beyond radio line of sight) SATCOM for effectively unlimited communications range.

Atlas is a powerful surveillance software package that provides AI-powered data processing for ISR UAV missions. It allows key decision-makers to plan missions with customizable workflows, examine historical data and replay past missions, and review results.

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