GUARDIAN Vision AI Software Selected by USV Developer

By Mike Ball / 08 Dec 2021
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Unmanned Survey Solutions vessel

Marine AI has confirmed that its GUARDIAN Vision AI (artificial intelligence) software has been selected by USV (unmanned surface vessel) developer and operator Unmanned Survey Solutions (USS). USS’ unmanned vessels are versatile platforms designed for a wide range of hydrographic charting applications, and Marine AI’s GUARDIAN Vision will provide them with a robust and COLREG-compliant control system for enhanced safety and path planning.

Marine AI hosted USS at the Marine Autonomous Hub in Plymouth for two days of on-water testing and development. The main focus was the testing of the new suite of plug-ins for GUARDIAN Vision, a NVIDIA based CV (computer vision) system. These plug-ins provide increased detection and object identification speed and also make it easier to customise solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

GUARDIAN Vision offers multi-platform, scalable, TLS-encrypted security that can be deployed at the edge for AI vision applications and services. Plug-ins are used in conjunction with the core CV capability to provide real-time, distinct technical solutions for different CV sectors. These plug-ins include:

  • Waterline Detection and Correction
  • Low Light Enhancement
  • Digital Video Stabilisation
  • Object Direction Estimation
  • Object Detection and Labelling
  • Object Classification
  • Object Tracking
  • LOMO (Low observable marine object) Detection

Matthew Ratsey, MD of Marine AI, commented: “We are delighted to be working with James Williams and his team at Unmanned Survey Solutions; it was great to see again how our agnostic software can be successfully deployed and utilised for USV operations. We very much look forward to assisting USS as their USV operations continue to increase in scope and number.”

James Williams, Director of USS, stated: “The GUARDIAN Vision package is impressive; the plug-ins analyse the feed from the vessel’s sensors and quickly relay the positional information on these hazards to the onboard control system and the remote pilot. GUARDIAN Vision significantly enhances our situational awareness and therefore the safety of the vessel, and vessels in the surrounding area.”

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