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Currawong Protocol Range Now Includes DroneCAN

By Phoebe Grinter / 10 Nov 2021
Currawong DroneCAN

Currawong Engineering will now include DroneCAN (formerly UAVCAN 0.9) in its protocol range, enabling the company to bring the market leading, high power density Velocity ESC range to a wider range of consumers.

With over a decade of high reliability in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) CANBUS communication, supporting a number of commercial and defense applications, Currawong products already offer real-time telemetry and health monitoring over the existing CAN interface, and DroneCAN will possess all the same benefits.

For customers, this will mean compatibility with PX4 autopilot systems, extended compatibility with Ardupilot and additional security with an encrypted bootloader and in-vehicle firmware updates. Keeping your device and information secure.

Support for DroneCAN increases interoperability with other DroneCAN devices without compromising on control or the existing rich set of features that Currawong products are known for.

Currawong’s Velocity ESC range is already talking DroneCAN and further rollout to the rest of the product range is expected in the coming months.

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