Autonomous Edge Vision AI Solutions for Mission-Critical Use

By Caroline Rees / 06 Aug 2021
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Plainsight has formed a partnership with CP Technologies to provide civil and commercial market customers with autonomous, edge-deployed vision Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for rugged hardware and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), such as tablets and drones.

To deliver autonomous solutions in markets that demand field-tested accuracy, low-latency, and optimal data handling, the companies will leverage Plainsight’s end-to-end vision AI platform to streamline visual data collection, model creation, and hardware integration. CP Technologies hardware will provide field-proven devices and systems for edge deployment. 

“Our partnership with CP Technologies provides fully integrated vision AI solutions for businesses and governments in need of vital, real-time visual data insights to protect the health and safety of communities, workers, and environments,” said Carlos Anchia, CEO of Plainsight. 

Together, the companies will deliver solutions for mission-critical use cases that include:

  • Aerial photogrammetry and photography
  • Environmental safety (pollution, fires, floods, etc.) monitoring
  • Forestry and precision agriculture
  • Infrastructure monitoring and security
  • Law enforcement
  • Mega-event crowd insights
  • Mineral exploration
  • Property monitoring and surveillance

On-board cameras with processing capabilities enable CP Technologies’ UAS to run Plainsight vision AI models to automate real-time detection, inform containment procedures, and predict potential threats for prevention. 

For example, these solutions can inform authorities where the threat of fires, or active fires, are located and identify where the fires are moving next, improving the accuracy and timeliness of life- and infrastructure-saving decisions.

Plainsight’s vision AI platform streamlines edge-based model creation and training for optimal visual data handling and deployment to CP Technologies products. This enables hardware and systems to make autonomous decisions in real time, eliminating the need for all data to continuously be sent to and from the cloud, improving privacy, bandwidth, and latency constraints. 

“Plainsight is the ideal partner for the proven flexibility and technological know-how needed to deliver the speed, accuracy, and dependability for autonomous video analytics in both commercial settings as well as some of the most challenging environmental situations at a moment’s notice,” said Mike McCormack, President and CEO of CP Technologies. 

“Plainsight’s vision AI platform gives our computing hardware customers the ability to collect, process, and analyze vast swaths of imagery and video data to make real-time decisions that protect property and save lives, when every second counts.” 

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