Microdrones Releases New UAV Surveying Series Episodes

By Mike Ball / 26 Mar 2021
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Microdrones LiDAR surveying

Microdrones has created three new episodes of its “Down to Earth” reality series, which focuses on the challenges and hazards faced by real UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) surveying crews, as well as how they create real data deliverables. The new episodes are due to premiere on Wednesday, March 31, and viewers can register to watch at 9am ET, 6pm ET or 9am CET.

Register here to watch the next three episodes of the series, which include exclusive behind-the-scenes mission planning, data capture and analysis of the final deliverables narrated by the professionals involved in the project

The next 3 episodes of Down to Earth focus on Cougar Companies in Southwestern Florida as they use drone LiDAR surveying equipment to provide more detailed topographic surveys of construction sites. The unpredictable Florida weather poses problems for them as they try to collect data, confirm fill quantities, and stay on budget.

The first episode introduces Adam Murphree, Director of Technology for Cougar Companies, and highlights how the use of drone LiDAR technology gives the companies a competitive advantage. Episodes 2 and 3 follow Adam further as he contends with heavy equipment, active construction sites and heavy winds in order to successfully complete drone surveying missions.

Adam Murphree commented: “Drone LiDAR gives you the ability to get through trees and still get data from the surface, and it does it in a fraction of the photogrammetry processing time. That’s huge. A dataset that might take half a day to process with photogrammetry is done in 10 to 15 minutes with LiDAR.”

Bret Burghdurf, Marketing Director at Microdrones, said: “These next episodes of Down to Earth show how the Cougar Companies are taking advantage of drone Lidar technology to not only be more efficient, but to win more projects and grow their business. Being on site at the various construction jobs gives you a much better sense of the scope and size of the projects that the Cougar Companies are dealing with and how drone surveying equipment from Microdrones gives them an edge on their competition. But, producing these episodes definitely wasn’t a breeze, thanks to some blustery conditions. Dealing with the Florida weather made for some exciting episodes of Down to Earth.”

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