Microdrones Launches New 3D Imaging & Surveying Solutions

By Mike Ball / 27 Jun 2020
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Microdrones long-range LiDAR survey UAS

Microdrones has released four new fully integrated unmanned aerial systems for surveying applications, including solutions for obtaining 3D imagery. All four are available under the company’s recently-launched Microdrones as a Service (mdaaS) business model, which offers options for rental or purchase as well as unlimited or per-project data processing plans.

Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil, CEO of Microdrones, stated: “Customers have been looking for ways to acquire 3D and Oblique imagery data, and we wanted to offer fully integrated systems, software, workflow, maintenance and support for these applications. In addition, we are proud to present a new survey-grade LiDAR system that can capture data from greater flight altitudes, or extremely detailed data from lower altitudes.”

Frank Darmayan, Microdrones COO, comented: “These new systems, combined with our Microdrones as a Service business model, provide a complete technology ecosystem and product lineup that customers can adopt, adapt, upgrade and grow with.”

mdMapper3000DµoG 3D aaS is designed for high wall mapping and 3D modeling applications where traditional manned aerial 3D mapping systems are unable to get close enough to the target to capture the level of detail required. This system uses an array of five cameras with dual IMU direct georeferencing to capture all angles and surfaces, with everything integrated into the processing workflow in Microdrones’ mdInfinity software.

mdMapper1000DG 3D aaS provides similar 3D and high wall mapping functionality, but with single IMU direct georeferencing and a smaller drone.

mdMapper3000DµoG Oblique aaS adds a fully integrated payload gimbal to the dual-IMU direct georeferencing mdMapper3000Dµog system. This increases the abilities of the system to capture oblique imagery, making it ideal for both high wall mapping and mining photogrammetry applications.

mdLiDAR3000LR aaS is a long-range surveying system that allows users to either collect data from higher altitudes, or use the laser scanning payload to capture increased point densities when flying at lower altitudes.

Legrand added: “Demand for our products and mdaaS has been very strong. The B2B surveying, construction and building trades have been busy and eager to adopt new technology that makes them more effective. We’re pleased to have more opportunities and products to meet their demand and continue to lead the market for professional drone applications.”

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