Drone-in-a-Box Technology Covered by Specialist Unmanned Aviation Insurance

By Mike Ball / 23 Jun 2020
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HEROTECH8 drone-in-a-box technology

HEROTECH8 has partnered with specialist drone insurance provider Flock to cover the company’s drone-in-a-box technology, allowing the system to be instantly deployed on delivery without any further requirements. According to HEROTECH8, the company’s product is the first drone-in-a-box offering in the world to include insurance as standard.

HEROTECH8’s autonomous aerial system takes off from a specialised launchpad, carries out its mission, lands and recharges, all without human intervention. The system is designed to provide persistent aerial surveillance for critical infrastructure and high-security facilities such as airports, nuclear power plants and construction sites.

Equipped with thermal imagers, HEROTECH8 drones provide security both during the day and at night, and are intended to deliver a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to ground patrols. The system is compatible with video management systems (VMS) such as Genetec and Milestone.

Flock provides flexible data-driven insurance for commercial drone operations, from individual operators to large-scale fleets. Backed by insights from pilots, industry experts and local aviation authorities, as well as real-time information and risk conditions such as environmental and weather data, Flock’s policies are available by the hour, day, month or year.

Sam Golden at Flock commented: “It won’t be long before every major industrial facility is using drones to carry out a range of routine tasks, from surveillance and surveying gutters to acting as early warning systems for fires. We work with companies working on the edge of what’s possible. The work HEROTECH8 is doing definitely falls into that category. We can’t wait to see what they do next and support them on their journey.”

Edward Anastassacos, CEO of HEROTECH8, commented: “We needed a forward-thinking and fast-to-respond insurance partner for such a visionary product and we found that in Flock. Our partnership allows any of our customers to quickly and effectively align insurance costs with operations and ensure all flying is fully compliant.”

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