The Drone Industry Barometer 2019

By Naomi Charlton / 17 Jun 2019
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Following last year’s popular Drone Barometer Survey, DRONEII and HINTE Marketing (organizers of INTERGEO) have created a subsequent free whitepaper titled Drone Industry Barometer 2.0. This whitepaper highlights a variety of challenges that the drone industry continues to face, as well as the changes in perspectives compared to 2018. These range from complicated and constantly changing drone regulations, to market growing pains.

The key difference between this year’s Drone Industry Barometer, and last year’s is that instead of focusing purely on Europe, this year’s barometer addressed the global drone industry. Having gathered data from over 500 respondents from 74 countries, it gives a broader and more thorough barometer results than ever before.
Besides a changing geographical nature of the respondents, their focus within the industry is also different.

“The Drone Industry Barometer is one of our most valuable tools to date. Getting to hear industry perspectives on such a high level across the board gives us the most comprehensive understanding of the drone market today.”
Kay Wackwitz, CEO and Founder of DRONEII

Download the whitepaper here:


The Drone Industry Had a Difficult Year

Comparing last year’s perspectives to this year’s, drone companies had a much more difficult time than expected. While many predicted that this year would be fairly positive and strong for them, it turns out that many companies struggled to increase their sales and as such did not grow as quickly as they had anticipated.

Sales & Marketing in the Spotlight

More and more resources are being spent on sales and marketing. Survey results show major increases in company spending on improving sales & marketing apparatuses, while product development is getting allocated less money.

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Regulators Don’t Make Life Easy

When asked to identify the biggest hurdles to their business, most companies pointed to regulations. Whether they are unclear, inconsistent or simply stringent, the current rules and regulations are causing difficulties for the drone industry.

E2E Solutions Are the Future

When asked about who the most important market-driving factors are, most companies listed E2E (end- to-end) solution providers. This is largely because their customers are increasingly seeking all-in-one drone solutions to fulfil their demands. As these companies continue to fine-tune their products, it’s clear to the drone industry that its future hinges on E2E solutions in order to outcompete traditional (non-drone) approaches.




Some 300 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors from Europe, North America and Asia are expected to attend IAS as part of INTERGEO (17–19 September at Stuttgart Exhibition Centre). Leading suppliers will be offering live demonstrations on all three days in the Flight Zone. The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT (EDS), Europe’s most important drone conference, is taking place simultaneously on 18/19 September 2019.


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