New Counter-UAS System Utilizes AI & Machine Learning

By Mike Ball / 30 Mar 2019
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Citadel Defense Titan Counter-UAS systemCitadel Defense Company has announced the official launch of their counter-UAS (unmanned aerial system) solution, Titan, after over 6 months of extensive government and military testing. The system is designed for anti-drone scenarios such as drug trafficking, espionage, cyber-attacks and attacks on airports.

Designed and developed alongside U.S. warfighters and security experts, the Titan provides the user real-time information, identifying and classifying an approaching unmanned aerial vehicle or swarm, and selectively applying precise countermeasures to induce the UAV to land or return to its home base. Citadel Defense uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and software defined hardware technology to rapidly address new threats and protect people and assets.

Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense, explained: “The system’s ease of use coupled with the fact that it can operate in environments where communications are critical, like major cities, airports, or aboard large ships, provide users with a flexible solution for many missions. Citadel’s escalating countermeasure approach is a unique advantage for customers because it can effectively detect, identify, and defeat drones with limited collateral affects to other important signals like WiFi and Bluetooth communications.”

Following more than ten successful government-hosted evaluations where many different counter-drone technologies were compared against each other, Citadel Defense has successfully secured six government contracts. Titan technology is utilized by commercial, government, and military customers to reliably protect critical assets from the growing threat posed by drones.

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