Cyber Security Solution Demonstrated on Autonomous Vehicle Platform

By Mike Ball / 09 Jan 2019
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Autonomous car cybersecurity

Argus Cyber Security has announced that it is demonstrating its cyber security solution on the NVIDIA DRIVE computing platform for autonomous vehicles at the CES 2019 trade show.

Argus is working closely with NVIDIA to add layers of cyber security defense to NVIDIA DRIVE, an energy-efficient, high-performance AI computing platform designed to safely enable autonomous vehicles of all types. The rapid development of self-driving cars, along with the growing number of connected services, has increased the potential for vehicle cyber-attacks. With self-driving cars quickly becoming a reality, and the number and diversity of connected automotive technologies and services increasing, cyber threats to vehicles are growing. Argus’ Connectivity Protection, coupled with its Argus Lifespan Protection, can offer vital cyber security protections.

“As a leader in the autonomous driving market, NVIDIA is accelerating the pace of self-driving technology and must ensure it remains secure in the face of multiplying and evolving cyber risks,” said Yoni Heilbronn, CMO, Argus Cyber Security. “Our industry-leading automotive cyber security expertise and innovative solutions will protect self-driving vehicles from the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.”

Argus Connectivity Protection prevents malware installation, detects operating system anomalies, isolates suspicious activity and stops attacks from spreading to the in-vehicle network. Argus Lifespan Protection enables automakers and fleet managers to continuously monitor the cyber health of their vehicles in the cloud, provides big data analytics to identify patterns and emerging attacks, and future-proofs vehicles through over-the-air security updates. The integrated solution makes it possible for automakers to seamlessly embed crucial cyber security measures without affecting production cycles or increasing project risk.

“Safety is our highest priority. We’re building a best-in-class ecosystem to address current and future safety issues, including cyber threats,” said Rishi Dhall, vice president of automotive business development at NVIDIA. “Argus’ demonstration on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform adds yet another layer of defense to our ongoing efforts to thwart potential cyber security attacks on autonomous vehicle platforms.”

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