Inertial Sense Releases Rugged Micro-INS with On-Board GNSS

Published: 28 Jun 2018 | Author: Mike Rees

Inertial Sense Micro-INSInertial Sense, a developer of GNSS/INS modules, has announced the availability of a micro-sized rugged version of their product. The solution is a combined GNSS/INS (Global Navigation Satellite System/Inertial Navigation System) that has an onboard GNSS receiver as well as a fully fused Inertial Navigation Solution. The module is also available in AHRS/IMU versions.

At 10 grams and with a 1×1” footprint, the solution delivers high performance with .1˚ roll/pitch and .3˚ dynamic heading accuracy, and is designed to suit a wide variety of unmanned vehicle, robotics and sensing requirements.

“When I set out on this journey to provide an accurate and low-cost navigation solution, I wanted to produce a product that engineers could purchase off the shelf, hassle free. In my past as a UAV engineer, I was always looking for ways to save myself time and money. It’s all about convenience. There is no need to spend time choosing IMU sensors and writing the algorithms to fuse navigation data,” said Walt Johnson, founder of Inertial Sense.

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