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KDE Direct Provides Components for Commercial and Industrial Drones

Published: 14 Aug 2017 by

KDE Direct, a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality components for single- and multi-rotor unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has partnered with Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) to demonstrate their expertise in this field. The ‘Gold’ profile showcases how their custom and off-the-shelf brushless motors, electronic speed controllers (ESCs), and military-grade propeller blades can be utilised in a wide range of professional UAS applications.

KDE8218XF-120 Brushless Heavy-Lift UAS MotorKDE’s Multi-Rotor Brushless Motors are aerospace-grade products designed specially for heavy-lift commercial and industrial UAS applications. The motors feature a high-efficiency 28-pole design and triple-supported, ABEC-7 angular-contact and radial bearings for high-thrust capacity and extreme durability.

The motors also incorporate high-temperature solid-core copper windings, silicon-steel stator laminations, Kevlar tie-wraps, and an integrated centrifugal fan for cool running temperatures and sustained performance in even the most extreme of conditions.

KDE-UAS125UVC Electronic Speed ControllerOptimized for use with the Multi-Rotor Brushless Motors, KDE’s plug-and-play Electronic Speed Controllers deliver a high level of performance and efficiency for unmanned aircraft applications, and are housed in a rugged aluminium case and sealed for all-weather operation, allowing them to be utilised in harsh environments.

The Electronic Speed Controllers also include active anti-spark circuitry, protecting the critical connectors upon each initial plug-in and system power-up and prolonging the system’s lifespan. The pre-loaded production firmware enables an array of essential technologies for UAS flight applications, such as Regenerative Braking, Dynamic Timing and Startup Power, and Motor Synchronization.

KDE’s carbon-fiber Multi-Rotor UAS Propeller Blades are constructed from military-grade true carbon-fiber 3K materials. The propellers are provided in dynamically-balanced matched sets, allowing for quick install and swift operational readiness without the need for secondary balancing or other calibration.

To find out more about KDE Direct, please visit their profile page:


Posted by Mike Ball Mike Ball is our resident technical editor here at Unmanned Systems Technology. Combining his passion for teaching, advanced engineering and all things unmanned, Mike keeps a watchful eye over everything related to the unmanned technical sector. With over 10 years’ experience in the unmanned field and a degree in engineering, Mike’s been heading up our technical team here for the last 8 years. Connect & Contact

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