DragonPlate Announces Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Kits

By Mike Ball / 23 Jan 2017
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DragonPlate, a developer of carbon fiber components, has announced the release of the company’s new UAV quadcopter frame kits. The kits provide the basic structure necessary for anyone interested in building their own carbon fiber multi-rotor unmanned aircraft. In addition to the assembly templates and instructions, full CAD models are available for download for each kit. This allows the integration of motors, controllers, batteries, and cameras into the design before purchasing the components. Expert level builders will be able to use the CAD models as a baseline for more sophisticated designs, for example larger units with additional rotors.

In addition to the new quadcopter kits, DragonPlate supplies the carbon fiber components and connectors necessary to make virtually any multi-rotor configuration. CAD models are available for download from the website for virtually all products, thus making it easy for engineers and other advanced builders to design and purchase the raw materials required for a drone project.

DragonPlate’s carbon fiber tube modular connectors provide a robust system for building multi-rotors from the ground up. End-users ranging from hobbyists to the US military have used DragonPlate standard and high modulus carbon fiber products and connectors to build UAVs ranging from large camera platforms to racing drones.

DragonPlate’s drone products fall into two categories: high modulus products, which are up to 3 times stiffer than standard carbon fiber products, and Kevlar products. Although not as rigid as carbon fiber, Kevlar provides shock absorption and impact resistance, which are important for high g accelerations. This provides a more durable vehicle for high speed launch and recovery, as well as hard landings. In particular, DragonPlate Kevlar Core products were designed to provide most of the stiffness of an all carbon fiber laminate, but with the impact resistance of Kevlar.

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