Sparton NavEx Launches Next Generation Micro AHRS

By Caroline Rees / 26 Sep 2016
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AHRS-M2 Micro AHRS for UASSparton Navigation and Exploration, a business unit of Sparton Corporation, has released the AHRS-M2 – a next generation Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) that delivers industry leading heading accuracy. The AHRS-M2 is a fully temperature compensated, micro-sized, light weight, low power AHRS product with a revolutionary built-in adaptive-calibration mode.

Sparton AdaptCalTM utilizes a proprietary calibration algorithm that provides continuous, automatic, 3D adaptive in-field calibration with hard and soft magnetic interference compensation. Instead of requiring the traditional, and complex, “12-point” calibration, the AHRS-M2 learns while in use, continuously calibrating the platform’s magnetic properties.

The AHRS-M2 is ideal for SWaP-C requirements as it weighs 12.3 grams in a small form factor and has a low power consumption of 60 mW and using only 16 mW in Sleep Mode.

Also new with the AHRS-M2 are the state-of-the-art AdaptNav IIITM sensor fusion algorithms that allow the system to provide accurate attitude and heading outputs. This feature includes full 360° tilt compensation in real-time even when subject to highly dynamic operating environments and transient magnetic interference.

“The AHRS-M2 is a game changer,” said Jim Lackemacher, Group Vice President of the Engineered Components and Products Segment. “No other MEMS-based inertial sensor system provides the accuracy and performance in this size and weight. But it’s the adaptive-calibration capability that is truly revolutionary and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this advance in technology.”

Features of AHRS-M2:

  • AdaptCalTM provides continuous, automatic, 3D adaptive in-field calibration with hard and soft magnetic interference compensation
  • Integrated AdaptNav III™ provides real-time noise characterization and active gyro drift compensation for superior heading, pitch, and roll performance in electrically and mechanically noisy environments
  • Static Heading Accuracy, 0.2° RMS
  • Small form factor, weighs 12.3g
  • Very low power consumption, 60 mW, and Sleep Mode functionality, 16 mW
  • Powerful user programmable sensor customization apps via NorthTek™ Forth interpreter
  • High resolution, low noise magnetometers
  • Advanced sensing technology (tri-axial magnetometers and MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes)
  • Magnetic and True North heading, pitch, and roll measurement
  • Full 360° rollover capability using quaternions or rotation matrix
  • “Figure of Merit” real time heading error indicator
  • In-field calibration point selection and distribution indicator
  • Quality of in-field calibration indicator
  • Centripetal acceleration correction
  • Supports multiple communication protocols

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