SEACON Releases Enhanced Ruffnek (A259) MUX Series Connector

By Caroline Rees / 11 Feb 2016
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SEACON A259 Ruffnek MUX Series

SEACON’s A259 Ruffnek MUX Series

SEACON, a manufacturer ofunderwater electrical and fiber optic connectors, has introduced the newly designed A259 Ruffnek MUX Series as an enhancement to the 7991 Ruffnek MUX Series used on subsea BOP Systems.

The new connector design integrates a rubber molded face onto the front of the CCP Connector Insert Plug (CIP), which provides an isolated barrier between any adjacent electrical sockets in the case that moisture is present inside the mated face of the connectors.

The Glass to Metal Seal (GTMS) Connector Insert Receptacle (CIR) has been replaced with a Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) CIR, to increase the length of the electrical path to ground and raise the shoulders around each pin for the CIP rubber face to seal against.

O-ring seals are re-located which allows for high pressure oil testing to be conducted on the mating seals, flange and insert seals. These test ports are color coded to match the appropriate color coded test port adapter.

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