MotionDSP Announces Beta Program for Ikena X Computer Vision Software

By Mike Ball / 13 Aug 2015
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MotionDSP Ikena XMotionDSP, a developer of advanced image processing and computer vision software, has announced a beta program for its real-time enterprise computer vision software, Ikena X, which enhances video footage and imagery taken by drones and other cameras. Built on the same military-proven technology as MotionDSP’s Ikena ISR software, this powerful commercial product allows people to see details in video that they may otherwise miss due to factors outside of their control.

“We’ve worked with law enforcement and the military for a decade, building tools that allow them to see more detail in their videos in order to make important decisions in extremely high-stakes situations,” said Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP. “We’re now seeing strong growth in the commercial industry, especially given the use of drones, and we’re making our capabilities available to people and organizations who have tough questions to answer using video.”

Real-time computer vision is very difficult to achieve. Improving a human’s ability to see an important and often missed detail in live video requires dozens of algorithms to work flawlessly all at once and in less than 33 milliseconds per frame of video.

“Computer vision and video data processing is an important piece of the puzzle that is being developed by Google, Microsoft and Facebook to help make consumers’ lives better,” said Robert Scoble, technology guru, Rackspace Futurist, and author. “Computer vision software in the context of enterprise, high-stakes applications is critical, especially with the amount of video being taken these days. I’m watching this space, and look forward to seeing new applications in the industry.”

Video analysts cannot rely on having perfect conditions such as clear skies, zero wind, zero atmospheric conditions, and subjects perfectly illuminated. This is where real-time video enhancement and computer vision software comes into play, helping organizations make timely decisions regardless of environmental factors.

EV, a global oilfield services company specializing in wellbore diagnosis, provides their customers with a clear understanding of complex downhole issues. “MotionDSP worked with us to adapt its software to EV’s innovative end-to-end system for downhole inspection, tailored to address the vast challenges specific to the oil industry,” said Federico Casavantes, VP of Marketing at EV. “The result is a new capability that enables our analysts to diagnose well integrity problems with more clarity in our customers’ wells, saving them time and money.”

Varah notes, “EV has been an ideal partner for MotionDSP. Their development team is agile and inventive, and we were able to quickly tailor our software to integrate with their system and workflow.”

MotionDSP has also partnered with Aeryon Labs Inc., a manufacturer of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), to optimize Ikena X for the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS. Operationally deployed in over 30 countries worldwide, Aeryon sUAS are used for aerial image and data gathering in a range of military, public safety, and commercial applications. “Video processing and analysis are part of the value proposition for operators of Aeryon sUAS.” said David Kroetsch, President and CEO of Aeryon Labs Inc. “The powerful capabilities of the MotionDSP software are a great complement to the unmatched aerial video-capture abilities of the Aeryon SkyRanger. Our relationship with MotionDSP also sets the stage for forthcoming value-added services as part of the Aeryon Cloud Services platform.”

The goal of MotionDSP’s beta program is to showcase the capabilities of the company’s software across a variety of industries. MotionDSP is working with organizations using remote cameras from drones and robots in disaster relief, law enforcement, inspection services, oil & gas, mapping and other industries.

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