Kairos Autonomi Unveils New Robotic Applique Kit For Heavy Equipment

By Caroline Rees / 06 May 2015
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The Pronto4 Heavy Planar Robotic Applique Kit

The Pronto4 Heavy Planar Robotic Applique Kit For Heavy Equipment

Kairos Autonomi, the worldwide leader in robotic applique kits, has introduced its latest technology, the Pronto4 Heavy.

Designed specifically for usage with heavy equipment and machinery, the Pronto4 Heavy Robotic Applique Kit is equipped with larger gear faces, stronger actuators than its predecessors, and a pathing upgrade.

The Pronto4 Heavy delivers the increased torque needed to control the traction, braking, throttle and implements in heavy vehicles and equipment as well as smarter robotic functions such as GPS path following and supervised autonomous behaviors.

The robotic applique kit is platform independent, so it can be installed in any heavy vehicle or machine, rendering that vehicle optionally unmanned, which means the equipment can still operate manually as needed.

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