US Army Purchases MetaVR Simulation Software for UAS Training

Published: 19 Nov 2014 | Author: Mike Rees

MetaVR VRSG Screen CaptureMetaVR, a 3D visualization software development company, has announced that the U.S. Army recently purchased 300 new licenses of MetaVR visuals for embedded training in its Universal Ground Control Stations and for Institutional Mission Simulators. The Army uses MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) for simulated UAV camera payload video for Shadow, Grey Eagle, Aerosonde, and Hunter UAS training.

MetaVR VRSG is used by UAV operators, pilots, and JTAC trainees in ground control stations and manned aircraft simulators in distributed exercises to achieve fully correlated HD H.264 simulated physics-based sensor video. The simulated payload video contains KLV metadata that replicates the actual sensor payload imagery of ISR assets.