Section 333 Exemption Requested for Aeryon Labs Skyranger UAS

By Caroline Rees / 18 Nov 2014
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Aeryon Skyranger UAS

Aeryon Skyranger UAS

Aeryon Labs Inc. has announced that VDOS Global LLC has submitted a request to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Section 333 Exemption, naming the Aeryon SkyRanger as the small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) that will be deployed to provide flare stack and infrastructure inspections for their clients. The Exemption request was submitted in Spring 2014 and has been in FAA review.

Specializing in on and off-shore inspections for the oil and gas and environmental industries, VDOS Global has requested approval to conduct flare stack inspections using Aeryon sUAS because of the many benefits the technology offers. These include the ability to:

  • Improve safety and reduce risk by alleviating human exposure to danger.
  • Improve the flare stack inspection processes and reduce operating costs.
  • Provide environmental monitoring during inspections. Unmanned inspections can aid in documenting and ensuring the structure emissions process is working properly and that harmful gases are not being released into the environment.

As VDOS President, Brian Whiteside, explains, “We are excited by the SkyRanger and the new sensors and safety features the platform offers to the industry. By conducting these inspections in adherence with Federal Aviation Regulations that are applicable to sUAS, our team is the leader in establishing the processes and best practices that will benefit both manned and unmanned operations in the domestic aviation industries”.

Aeryon sUAS enable the immediate, safe, and reliable capture of high quality aerial imagery and data – faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively than manned aircraft or traditional ground-based methods for inspecting and monitoring infrastructure and the surrounding environment.

“Aeryon sUAS are ideal for conducting flare stack inspections,” commented Aeryon Labs President & CEO, Dave Kroetsch. “This proven technology, combined with the knowledge and expertise that VDOS Global has in both the oil and gas and aviation industries, will ensure safer, more efficient inspection processes and successful results for VDOS clients.”

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