Arcturus UAV Announces Two New Long Endurance UAVs

By Caroline Rees / 14 May 2014
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Arcturus UAV

Arcturus UAV Announces Two New Long Endurance UAVs

Arcturus UAV has announced development efforts on their JUMP-25 and CAT-25 long endurance UAVs. The JUMP-25, vertical takeoff and landing capable, will have a larger fuselage and wingspan and more powerful VTOL and tractor motors than the recently announced JUMP-15™ and JUMP-20™ models. The CAT-25 will be a larger version of the company’s T-20™ catapult launched UAV.

The new JUMP-25 and CAT-25 UAVs will integrate Cloud Cap Technology’s new TASE500. The TASE500 is said to exceed the capabilities of the venerable L3 Wescam MX10. The TASE500 is a 10 inch, 27 lb. imaging payload that provides an All-HD, fully integrated solution utilizing ViewPoint Tactical PED software with market leading SWaP.

In addition to the TASE500, the new air vehicles will be capable of simultaneously carrying other payloads such as the WGS Europa SIGINT package and the Artemis SlimSAR. This marks the first time that a Tier II UAV has offered this level of high-performance, multi-payload capability. Arcturus will use Cloud Cap technology’s new Piccolo III autopilot with triple redundant IMU and auxiliary mission payload processor. The new JUMP and CAT air vehicles will be integrated with Arcturus’s compact, portable ground control station which allows control of any the company’s air vehicles.

Endurance on a fully loaded CAT-25 is estimated at 14 hours. With a light payload endurance will stretch to 20 hours. JUMP-25 carrying the TASE500 has a planned endurance of 12 hours. Heavier load outs are optional. Arcturus JUMP™ air vehicles take off and land vertically with quad rotors mounted to the wings. JUMP air vehicles require no runway or launcher for operation. Arcturus T-series and the new CAT-25 are catapult launched using the Arcturus compact pneumatic portable launcher. Both aircraft boast industry leading payload to weight ratios and very long endurance.


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