FreeWave Announces NIST Certification Of Encryption Technology For Its Spartan Series Wireless Radios

By Caroline Rees / 04 Dec 2012
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FreeWave Technologies, manufacturer of high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission, has announced that the encryption technology within its Spartan Series of wireless radios for government and defense markets is now certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

As a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated solution, the Spartan Series’ encryption technology has passed extensive testing required by NIST. The certification process ensures that the encryption technology can provide the level of security necessary for the mission critical applications it may serve. FreeWave is showcasing the Spartan Series at I/ITSEC.

“At FreeWave, we pursue 100 percent customer satisfaction and the NIST certification of the cryptography within our Spartan Series further proves that we are focused on meeting the needs of our government and defense customers and OEM partners,” said Phil Linker, government and defense product manager at FreeWave Technologies. “By ensuring the utmost security of our technology offerings, we continue to provide reliable solutions that are trusted to perform mission critical applications, often when human lives are at stake.”

The Spartan Series offers a secure communications link for a variety of government and defense applications, such as soldier training exercises, command and control of UAVs and critical asset tracking. The Spartan solution enables data links to pass secure encrypted data both reliably and on a real-time basis. With a small and lightweight footprint, it is an attractive option for systems where space is limited. Additionally, the Spartan solution is future-proof, offering an upgrade path to NSA Secret and Below (SaB). In addition to the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified encryption technology, the Spartan Series also offers:

  • Up to 32 unique crypto keys
  • Remote capability to zeroize an individual key or all keys
  • NSA “Suite B” algorithms
  • The ability to upgrade to a DS-101 key loading interface
  • Advanced key handling architecture
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