Benefits of Precision-formed Contacts Revealed by Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc

Published: 19 Jun 2012

The benefits of using precision-formed contacts are numerous and the Ulti-Mate manufacturing process provides a real advantage over Twist Pin technology, offering a real impact on the ability of your applications to perform to spec over time.

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FACT: Each Ulti-Mate point contact is captured on a reel, in its order of manufacture, assuring consistency of design and, more importantly for you, quality control. These are not discrete contacts where each one is slightly different in its manufacture.

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Posted by Mike Ball Mike is our resident technical editor here at Unmanned Systems Technology. Combining his passions for teaching, advanced engineering and all things unmanned, Mike keeps a watchful eye over everything related to the unmanned technical sector. With over 10 years’ experience in the unmanned field and a degree in engineering, Mike’s been heading up our technical team here for the last 8 years.

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