Hydroid Delivers First New Generation AUV to Naval Oceanographic Office

Published: 13 Sep 2017 | Author: Mike Rees

Hydroid REMUS 100 AUVHydroid Inc., a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime and manufacturer of marine robotics, has announced that it has successfully completed the first delivery of the New Generation REMUS 100 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to the Naval Oceanographic Office. This delivery is a major milestone for Hydroid and represents the continuous evolution of the REMUS AUV product lines and ongoing growth of marine robotics technology.

“This is an exciting time for unmanned underwater technology and we are proud to play a major role in the market with our REMUS line of AUVs,” said Duane Fotheringham, president of Hydroid. “The evolution of the REMUS 100 is a testament to the sustainability and longevity of our AUVs and our ability to maintain our core offering, while also integrating the latest, cutting-edge technologies.”

The New Generation REMUS 100 AUV features advanced technology and capabilities that Hydroid claims are the first of their kind in the industry, enabling customers to have increased autonomy and capability during missions. Designed based on the feedback from the AUV community, it combines the reliability of the original REMUS 100 AUV with new features and capabilities, such as advanced core electronics, a flexible navigation suite with an exclusive conformal Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and an open architecture platform for advanced autonomy.