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IMSI Catchers: Dispelling Misunderstandings

Revector has released an article outlining the misunderstandings and myths about IMSI catchers which use software-defined radio, filters, amplifiers, and more to replicate a mobile base station Feature Article by Revector
IMSI Catchers: Dispelling Misunderstandings
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Revector has released an article clearing up the myths and misunderstandings surrounding IMSI catcher technology after their use in some criminal activities. Read more >>

An IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number uniquely identifies a mobile device to a network operator, and is contained in the devices’ SIM card. IMSI Catchers utilize software-defined radio, amplifiers, filters, and other technologies to create a “false” mobile base station, usually in a smaller form factor.

Clearly, this has great potential to be used for illicit activities and phishing or smishing scans, or could be used by governments to monitor people illegally. However, IMSI Catcher technology can be useful for both military and civilian applications.

In the full article, Revector examines:

  • What IMSI Catchers do NOT do
  • What IMSI Catchers do
  • What they can do in the wrong hands
  • And what they can do in the right hands

The article goes on to explain that in the right hands, and built to high professional and quality standards, IMSI Catchers can be used for good. For example, they can be used on drones to find people lost in remote areas, locate victims in natural disasters, and to support law enforcement activities.

Read the complete article here, or visit the Revector website to find out more.

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