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Multi-Track Fuser Surveillance Data Fusion of Radar and ADS-B
Multi-Track Fuser

Surveillance Data Fusion of Radar and ADS-B

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Multi-Track Fuser SureLine® plug-in to eliminate duplicate targets from overlapping sensors
  • Handles up to 600 plots per sensor per scan
  • Handles up to 800 tracks per sensor continuously
  • Handles up to 5000 fused (system) tracks continuously
  • Tracks Search, Discrete and Non-Discrete beacon targets

Sunhillo’s Multi-Track Fuser SureLine Plug-in has the capability of processing multiple tracks from different sensors for the same target in order to correlate them into a single track. This prevents the user from seeing duplicate tracks cluttering the display. The Multi-Track Fuser supports up to 32 Sensors and provides continuous Track Data Filtering. Fused data can be output in various track formats, such as ASTERIX, or framed in SGF or ECGP.

If the input data is in Plot format, the Single-Sensor Tracker SureLine Plug-In will be required to convert the plot data to tracks prior to fusing. Additionally, the Virtual Radar SureLine plug-in can be used to convert the fused track data into Plot format to include data from sources such as ADS-B to legacy systems.

SureLine is the backbone of Sunhillo’s surveillance gateway products and provides a wide range of functionality including conversion, translation and other transforms that allow for bridging dissimilar networks, analyzing data, and connecting surveillance sources to air-traffic automation systems. The Multi-Track Fuser plug-in is available for Sunhillo’s Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor (SGP).