Drone LiDAR Sensors & Laser Scanners for Aerial Surveying, Mapping & Bathymetry
RIEGL VUX-160²³ High-Point-Density UAV Laser Scanner for Corridor Mapping

High-Point-Density UAV Laser Scanner for Corridor Mapping

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The RIEGL VUX-160²³ is a versatile UAV LiDAR scanner with a 100-degree field of view and incredibly fast data acquisition rate of up to 2.4 MHz. Delivering up to 400 scan lines and 2 million effective measurements per second on the ground, it is ideal for fixed-wing UAV corridor mapping.

The system’s measuring beam consecutively scans in three different directions – strictly vertical down, +10° forward oblique, and -10° backward oblique – providing data capture with an unrivalled completeness, even in challenging environments with vertical surfaces and narrow canyons. With a multi-target capability of up to 32 targets per pulse, the scanner penetrates even dense vegetation.

The VUX-160²³ provides an internal data storage capacity of 2 TByte, and can be connected to an external IMU/GNSS as well as up to five external cameras. Additionally, the sensor is equipped with a AP+board for smooth integration of Applanix AP+50 and AP+30 IMU/GNSS system.

Dimensions 283 mm x 117 mm x 134 mm
Weight 2.65 kg (without integrated Applanix AP+board)
Power Supply 18 – 34 VDC
Laser Pulse Repetition Rate Up to 2400 kHz
Field of View 100°
Scan Speed 50 – 400 scans/sec
Accuracy 10mm
Precision 5mm