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Ziyan Unveils Next-Gen Multi-Purpose Unmanned Helicopter

Ziyan's Blowfish A4 features triple design upgrades, a versatile payload capacity, 30km video transmission, strong environmental adaptability, and flexible mobile take-off and landing By Joe Macey / 29 May 2024
Ziyan Unveils Next-Gen Multi-Purpose Unmanned Helicopter
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Ziyan has introduced the next-gen “Blowfish” unmanned helicopter – the Blowfish A4.

Featuring a detachable tail section and foldable landing gear, the Blowfish A4 is a fully electric unmanned helicopter designed for a variety of missions including long-range mapping, cargo delivery, and BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operations.

The Blowfish A4 features 3 significant design upgrades: 

– Quadrotor upgrade: Enhanced lift redundancy, improved payload and wind resistance, offering a safer and more reliable flight experience.

– Detachable and Foldable: The body is detachable, and the landing gear is foldable, facilitating storage and transport, thereby enhancing operational convenience.

– Enhanced Shock Absorption: The newly upgraded landing gear design provides better shock absorption, ensuring smoother takeoff and landing.

Versatile payload capacity 
The Blowfish A4 has a maximum payload of up to 15kg and is compatible with a variety of mission payloads, such as tri-optic gimbals (visible light, thermal imager and laser rangefinder) and four-optic gimbals (dual visible light with 10x and 30x optical zoom, thermal imager and laser rangefinder), LiDAR, drop systems, searchlights, and more, to meet the needs of different missions. Whether it’s beyond-visual-range reconnaissance, topographic mapping, or cargo transport, it handles it all with ease.

30km video transmission 
With a stable and reliable link, it meets the need for real-time video and data transmission, enabling efficient long-range operations. It also supports flexible mesh networking relay communication, effectively handling complex terrain environments with signal obstruction, ensuring continuous and stable communication.

Strong environmental adaptability 
The Blowfish A4 is designed to meet the demands of missions in various complex environments. It has a wind resistance capability of up to Level 7, with exceptional crosswind resistance, and a maximum flight altitude of up to 5500m. Whether in high-altitude mountainous areas or over the ocean, it handles all scenarios with ease.

Flexible mobile take-off and landing
The Blowfish A4 supports takeoff and landing from moving vehicles or ships, allowing for quick deployment and recovery on the move, which is ideal for complex and changing mission environments.

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