Testing Succeeds for New Electric Work Class ROV

The new Quantum EV electric work class ROV from SMD reached a top forward speed of 4.5 knots, among other maneuverability and bollard pull tests, in successful full-power testing By Abi Wylie / 13 May 2024
Testing Succeeds for New Electric Work Class ROV
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SMD’s electric work class ROV, the Quantum EV, has completed successful full-power testing, demonstrating its capabilities in speed, maneuverability, and bollard pull.

SMD is a global subsea engineering and technology company, with its Quantum EV setting a new benchmark in subsea technology, particularly electric ROVs, aiming to facilitate the growth of the UK’s £23 billion renewable energy market.

SMD anticipates the Quantum EV to support underwater operations globally and has already sold the first to Luxembourg-based marine contractor, Jan De Nul Group.

The enhancements in speed and power that have been made should enable clients to complete tasks more efficiently, saving time and resources while increasing operational scope.

Discussing the results, SMD’s Business Development Manager, John McCann, said; “We are delighted to share the success of the Quantum EV’s full-power testing, which demonstrates our relentless pursuit of engineering excellence.

“The growth of the UK’s renewables sector forms an essential part of the government’s energy security plan and transition to Net Zero. At SMD, we feel confident that our technology will support these crucial ambitions.”

Mr McCann continued; “During rigorous testing, the Quantum EV reached a top forward speed of 4.5 knots and a top lateral speed of 3.5 knots. Significantly higher than current industry standards, this enables rapid and precise operations in challenging subsea environments.

“As well as operating efficiently in currents up to 3 knots, the Quantum EV also achieved a bollard pull of 1400kgf. This exceptional strength makes the ROV perfectly suited for handling heavy loads and overcoming adverse underwater conditions, ensuring operational reliability and safety across numerous industries.”

Mark Collins, Innovation Director at SMD, added; “At SMD, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of subsea technology. The Quantum EV is a testament to our commitment to innovation, and we look forward to seeing it transform subsea operations globally.”

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