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CubePilot Solution for FAA Remote ID Compliance

Cube ID by CubePilot is a reliable Remote ID solution that supports both CAN and serial protocols, broadcasting in-flight information via a Bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode unit By Sarah Simpson / 15 May 2024
CubePilot Solution for FAA Remote ID Compliance
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CubePilot has released Cube ID, a reliable solution for FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Remote ID Compliance.

The Cube ID is a remote identification module which broadcasts in-flight information about UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) via a Bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode unit.

Capable of supporting both CAN and serial protocols, the Cube ID is a small size measuring just 25mm x 13.75mm x 3.5mm, and is both FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and CE (Conformite Europeenne) certified.

Users are able write different codes with just one Cube ID, making the Cube ID highly adaptable to different drones and user requirements.

The FAA has extended the date by which U.S. drone operators must equip their aircraft with remote identification modules to March 16, 2024. After this date drone pilots could be suspended, fined, or have pilot certificates revoked, if found to be in breach of this legislation.

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