Drone Visual Positioning System Enables Improved ISR Mission Planning

Vermeer’s Visual Positioning System payload will be integrated with Draganfly’s Commander 3XL drone to improve critical missions where GPS jamming disrupts military operations By Caroline Rees / 28 Feb 2023
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Commander 3XL

Vermeer will integrate its Visual Positioning System (VPS) Payload with Draganfly’s Commander 3XL in order to enhance mission capabilities in GPS-denied and spoofed environments for the defense industry. 

The Commander 3XL drone will be integrated with Vermeer’s VPS as part of its modular UAV platform. VPS technology enables aerial platforms to determine their location in contested, spoofed, and GPS-denied environments. This system compares the video feed from the VPS payload with pre-mapped 3D terrain stored locally for unparalleled navigation capabilities.

Draganfly believes this partnership will enable it to collaborate with Vermeer’s military and government clients and create solutions using Draganfly’s innovative drone technology.

Vermeer enhances military and government mission capabilities by supplying the US Department of Defense (DoD) with its mixed reality and AI-enabled tool that enables customers to previsualize drone missions in a virtual space and eliminate friction while working with robotic systems.

Vermeer’s solution is believed to be the first AR and AI-enabled tool that allows an operator to easily manipulate robotic systems, such as drones, using intuitive gestures and visualization, in the field, as well as to visualize sensory data in a purely synthetic environment.

“Draganfly’s technology will provide a seamless solution that keeps pilots flying even in the most difficult or remote areas during critical missions,” said Chris Pickett, Director of Business Development at Vermeer. “We are extremely excited about this partnership which will provide a full drone solution using vision-based, global navigation for GPS-denied and spoofed environments for military and government contracts.”

“Our team designed and manufactured the Commander 3XL drone to ensure it was compatible with various interchangeable payloads. Integrating Vermeer’s VPS technology with the Commander 3XL will help improve military and defense intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions,” said Cameron Chell, President, and CEO of Draganfly. “We are thrilled to partner with Vermeer to create solutions that help defense agencies protect life, mitigate risk, and reduce liability.”

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