Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) and Single Cylinder EFI Engines for Drones

Currawong Cortex & Corvid Engines

By Currawong Engineering / 05 Jul 2022
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Currawong Engineering is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high-quality power electronics and propulsion systems for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones.

The Corvid-50 is a high-power single-cylinder engine designed for UAVs with a maximum takeoff weight of 25 to 40 kg. Based on the Desert Aircraft DA-50 engine, it features a custom crankcase, crankshaft, throttle body, starter generator, inlet manifold and integrated isolation mount.

Based on the industry proven Currawong Corvid-50, the Cortex HF50 is a heavy fuel engine with hybrid power capability. The Cortex HF50 Series Hybrid is suitable as a replacement for batteries, gasoline engine or existing hybrid power systems for UAV platforms with electrically driven motors such as multi-rotors.

The hybrid architecture of the system allows for bidirectional power flow between the electrical system and the engine. During normal operation the engine can provide power to onboard electrical systems and charge batteries while providing prop power for flight. This allows for lower battery weight and better aircraft range. Power can also be directed from the battery system to the engine for self-starting, power boost during flight and in-air engine restart.

Available for order in September 2022.

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