Capture Systems Demonstrates Anti-Threat Intelligent Detector

By Capture Systems / 22 Jun 2020

In this video, Capture Systems demonstrate the capabilities of their Anti-Threat Intelligent Detector (ATID ) – a solution for unmanned border control, particularly against the threat of UAVs/drones.

Based on the compact and lightweight Caracal Pan Tilt unit, the system can identify and track humans, aircraft, ships, and more, as well as UAVs. It can detect up to five threats simultaneously, using day and thermals cameras. When assembled, ATID can be stabilized for different land and sea scenarios, to provide 24/7 surveillance.

An Unmanned Gunfire System provides weapon capabilities, which are remotely operated by the user. The weapon is installed through top picatinny on the system, and the mechanism changes the position of the safety catch and also pulls the trigger.

A number of shooting programs are available, which the operator can select remotely:

  • Automatic – opens the safety catch and pulls the trigger non-stop
  • Single – opens the safety catch and pulls the trigger once
  • Safe mode – locking the safety catch.

The system can also be integrated with personal weapons like: M16, M4, TAVOR 7, CARMEL, ARAD, NEGEV, GALIL.

Learn more about Capture Systems’ counter-UAS detection and tracking system >

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