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The Evolving Risk of Rogue Commercial Drones

D-Fend Solutions has discussed the threats that cheap and small commercial drones are posing to armed forces, expressing a need for counter-drone systems worldwide, and outlining recent security breaches in military airspaces Feature Article by D-Fend Solutions
The Evolving Risk of Rogue Commercial Drones
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D-Fend Solutions has highlighted a growing need for advanced RF Cyber C-UAS systems as part of a multi-layered defense strategy, exploring, “The Rising Threat of Cheap and Small Commercial Drones to US and Allied Forces: A Call for Advanced C-UAS Systems.

Commercial drones are becoming increasingly sophisticated and affordable, making them accessible to potential adversaries. This accessibility fuels a growing concern: the use of such drones in operations specifically targeting military forces.

The growing threat demands a timely and efficient response. Implementing advanced C-UAS systems like RF Cyber C-UAS is key in protecting sensitive military assets and personnel. As the landscape of modern warfare evolves, so must defensive capabilities.

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RF Cyber C-UAS systems, like D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir system, can evolve in response to emerging commercial drone technologies, tactics, and vulnerabilities. This ensures that defense capabilities remain effective against the latest threats and provide long-term resilience and readiness against evolving adversarial tactics.

D-Fend Solutions explores the implications of the widespread availability of commercial drones, the specific threats they pose to military security, and the various measures being implemented to mitigate these risks. The company goes on to outline:

  • The Yokosuka Naval Base Incidents: A Breach in Security
  • A Global Pattern of Drone Threats
  • Combating the Threat: A Multi-Layered Defense
  • The Urgent Need for Advanced C-UAS Systems

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