RF-Cyber based Counter-UAS Solutions for Drone Threat Detection & Mitigation

Protecting Navies with Counter-Drone Solutions

D-Fend Solutions has outlined the threat of commercial drones to naval ships, detailing vulnerabilities around modern vessels, and expanding on the growing need for RF Cyber C-UAS systems Feature Article by D-Fend Solutions
Protecting Navies with Counter-Drone Solutions
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D-Fend Solutions assert that there is a pressing threat to navy ships from commercially available drones, and that there are many vulnerabilities that could be exploited by unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Read more >>

The proliferation of commercially available drones has significantly changed warfare. These readily available systems pose a serious and present threat to even the most advanced warships, ranging from persistent surveillance to potentially devastating attacks.

Disruptions caused by drone attacks have a significant impact on global trade routes, causing delays, inflating costs, and impacting insurance rates. This is why robust, multi-layered anti-drone defense systems are essential for modern navies.

RF Cyber C-UAS solutions, such as D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir system, deliver a comprehensive defense that supports naval environments.

EnforceAir is a mature solution already deployed on various naval platforms actively safeguarding multiple navies around the world. By integrating the EnforceAir RF Cyber system, alongside traditional systems, navies can establish a comprehensive, multi-layered approach against modern threats. In the full article, the company goes on to discuss:

  • Critical Layers of Modern Naval Defense
  • Naval Vulnerability: Protecting Mission Essential Units, Escorts, Submarines on the Surface, and Vulnerable Platforms
  • EnforceAir: Anti-Drone Defense for Navies

EnforceAir boasts a 360-degree detection and mitigation capability, delivering complete drone visibility. The system can handle multiple threats simultaneously, keeping ships safe.

Read the full article here, or visit the D-Fend Solutions website for more information.

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