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gNext’s Platform Release: Future-Proof the Infrastructure Inspection Process

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In this article, gNext discusses its latest platform release with new features including gNext-Skydio cloud integration, support for new overlay visualization, and an integrated PDF-compatible document management system (DMS).

Infrastructure asset owners have turned to technology like the gNext Platform to protect essential services like roads, bridges, cell towers, and dams. gNext’s regularly updated features allow customers to safely and collaboratively conduct critical infrastructure inspections.

gNext is Future-Proofing the Inspection Automation Process

The gNext Platform combines drone, vehicle, or manually collected data with AI and 3D modeling to assist clients in the inspection and surveying processes. Customers can access digital models and original imagery remotely on this cloud-based SaaS platform.

Our regularly updated features allow customers to safely and collaboratively make mission-critical insights.

gNext Platform demonstrating 3D digital modeling and AI.

The gNext Platform is developing innovative advancements that are revolutionizing the inspection industry. Our platform has an underlying AI engine that filters out noise in digital models, highlights and quantifies specific features of interest, and assists our customers in making more accurate inspections.

gNext uses AI to detect and quantify features (i.e., cracks and spalling) that otherwise could have gone undetected through visual inspections.

The gNext Platform Release June 2023

gNext regularly seeks new ways to improve functionality, user experience, and our clients’ security to empower inspectors and asset managers further. We recently fixed some minor bugs and optimized speed, so our platform can meet your needs.

We are excited to announce that we have also released some new features recently.

  • gNext-Skydio Cloud Integration
  • Choosing the Display Sequence for 2D Orthophotos
  • Support for New Overlay Visualization
  • Integrated PDF-Compatible Document Management System (DMS)
  • Addition of New Asset Types to Support Automated Processing
  • Bug fixes as necessary

gNext-Skydio Cloud Integration

gNext is partnering with Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight. Skydio’s autonomous drone technology can capture high-resolution imagery for inspections.

Our customers can upload field-collected data for automatic processing in our leading infrastructure inspection platform to deliver improved workflows and inspection quality, save money, and enhance decision-making.

We are happy to share that in our partnership with Skydio, we have created seamless cloud-to-cloud integration for our mutual enterprise customers. This integration enables gNext and Skydio Cloud enterprise customers to upload and organize their flight data through Skydio Media Sync over Wi-Fi.

Upon plugging the drone into a power source, it will autonomously transfer its data to the Skydio Cloud, where it can be stored, searched, and shared throughout the organization.

The integration utilizes the Skydio Cloud API, allowing for the automated transfer of media across the Skydio Cloud and the gNext Cloud platform, resulting in a more efficient data analysis process that removes the reliance on manual uploads.

gNext’s Skydio Sync Feature.

Bridge Inspection using data collected with Skydio and visualized in gNext.

This comprehensive solution makes flight-collected media more quickly and readily accessible on the gNext platform while eliminating the need for SD cards and manual processes.

Choosing the Display Sequence for 2D Orthophotos

Clients now have the capability to determine the order in which layers are displayed, providing an opportunity for personalized visualization.

This enhancement allows users to integrate and view maps derived from diverse sources such as drones, satellites, and mobile scans. This offers a broader and more detailed perspective of the asset.

It also facilitates the evaluation of underground utility locations, the selection of a base map for custom visualizations, and the addition of maps covering new sections of the project, among other capabilities.

Overlay Visualization Support

The gNext Platform has also introduced overlay visualization support, which empowers users to import geospatially referenced drawings in DXF and KML formats.

This facilitates the comparison of design plans with the actual built structures, examination of utility installations, detection of construction mistakes, superimposition of defect maps, and more.

This feature will improve users’ inspection precision by offering a more accurate visualization of their asset data.

Integrated PDF-Compatible Document Management System (DMS)

The gNext Platform now has a document management system that accommodates PDF uploads. This system can effectively attach any document relevant to the inspected asset, such as prior inspection reports, material tests, and plan views. This serves as your single source of truth, consolidating all inspection data.

gNext plans to expand to support other file types in the future too.

Addition of New Asset Types to Support Automated Processing

New asset types created include electrical substation, utility pole, cooling tower, and others.

Take Inspections to the Next Level with gNext

gNext strives to make our world’s infrastructure safer and more sustainable by offering a revolutionary platform. We do our best to offer features that can address industry needs, and we aim to continue expanding our platform’s capabilities to empower customers.

Don’t miss out on future releases. Make sure to subscribe to receive regular updates on the gNext Platform. To explore our new capabilities, request a demo!

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