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UAV Engine Starter Starter for drone internal combustion engines
UAV Engine Starter

Starter for drone internal combustion engines

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UAV Engine Starter

The UAV Engine Starter provides rapid and reliable starting of drone internal combustion engines up to 150cc in size without the use of decompression valves. It accepts battery voltages from 25 to 55VDC as well as generated 3-phase voltages of up to 140VAC, and delivers maximum torque from standstill.

Engine starting can be initiated by the push of a button or remotely via CAN or RS232 commands. In-flight restarts can also be performed via CAN/RS232.

The unit's front panel delivers comprehensive diagnostic information to aid integration and commissioning. Intuitive configuration software is included, providing integrated graphing and logging capabilities that allow users to optimise and verify the performance of their engines.


Dimensions 92 x 79 x 20mm
Weight 200g
Battery Input 25 - 55VDC
Start Time 400 ms typical (well-optimised 150 cc engine)
Cranking Speed 500-2500 RPM (user-configurable)
Torque 20Nm typical (varies with BLDC alternator)
BLDC Pole Count 2 – 20 poles (1 – 10 pole pairs)
Max Altitude 10,000m