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RIEGL VUX-180²⁴ UAV Lidar Scanner for High-Speed Applications

UAV Lidar Scanner for High-Speed Applications

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The RIEGL VUX-18024 is a lightweight UAV LiDAR scanner that provides a 75-degree field of view, extremely high pulse repetition rate of up to 2.4 MHz, and scan speed of up to 800 lines/second. Thanks to these advanced capabilities, the airborne laser scanner is ideal for high-speed survey and corridor mapping use cases such as power lines, pipelines and railways, as well as other applications requiring optimal line and point distribution.

The unit takes advantage of RIEGL’s state-of-the-art Waveform-LiDAR technology, providing features such as echo digitization, online waveform processing, and multiple-time-around processing.

The versatile scanner provides 2 TB of internal data storage as well as a removable CFast card, and provides interfaces for connecting to up to five optional external cameras as well as external GNSS/inertial sensors. It is available as a standalone unit or as part of several fully-integrated UAV-based scanning solutions.


Dimensions 283 x 117 x 134 mm
Weight 2.7 kg (with connection box)
Power Supply 18-34 VDC
Laser Pulse Repetition Rate Up to 2400 kHz
Field of View 75 degrees
Scan Speed 50 – 800 lines/sec
Accuracy 10 mm
Precision 5 mm