Compact & Lightweight AUVs for Scientific, Commercial & Defense Applications
ecoSUBµ5 500 metre-rated micro-AUV

500 metre-rated micro-AUV

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The ecoSUBµ5 is ecoSUB Robotics' smallest AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle), weighing just 4 kg in air with a body length of 660 mm. The versatile system is one-person portable and can be operated from an extremely low logistical footprint, requiring only a laptop and wireless internet connection to conduct missions from anywhere in the world. Thanks to its compact size and cylindrical profile, it can be easily launched from other platforms such as UAVs, USVs and XLUUVs.

The cost-effective platform is ideally suited to carrying small single payloads such as CT sensors, fluorometers or hydrophones, and can operate at depths of 500 metres for up to 12 hours on a single charge. When equipped with an acoustic nano-modem, multiple units can be networked together for swarm operations.


Diameter 111 mm
Length Body 660 mm
With antenna 925 mm
Weight in Air 4 kg (with alkaline batteries)
Depth Rating 500m
Speed 1 m/s
Range 40 km
Maximum Endurance 12 hrs
Communications: Surface: Iridium SBD, Wi-Fi
Submerged: Acoustic (optional)