Advanced Vehicle GPS Antennas Launched

KP Performance Antennas’ product has high out-of-band rejection, enabling more precise navigation for personal vehicles, commercial fleets or autonomous systems By Abi Wylie / 26 Sep 2023
Advanced Vehicle GPS Antennas Launched
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KP Performance Antennas has launched its vehicle GPS antennas, designed to improve accuracy and reliability in automotive applications.

These vehicle GPS antennas come equipped with an impressive high gain of 28 dB, allowing them to capture weak signals with remarkable efficiency, even in the most challenging environments. 

Compared to conventional GPS, these antennas have high out-of-band rejection. By minimizing signal interference and multipath effects, they provide excellent signal quality and stability. 

This critical advantage translates to more precise navigation and enhanced user experiences for personal vehicles, commercial fleets or autonomous systems.

Recognizing the diverse needs of automotive applications, KP has engineered these GPS antennas to be highly resilient. 

With waterproof and dustproof ratings of IPX6 or IP66, the antennas can withstand varying outdoor conditions, ensuring uninterrupted performance even in inclement weather and rough terrains. 

This design makes them the ideal choice for vehicle tracking, fleet management, telematics and navigation systems.

Whether driving through dense urban areas or remote rural landscapes, these antennas are designed for uninterrupted positioning, enabling drivers to navigate with ease.

“Our aim is to deliver superior antenna solutions that consistently perform in all conditions,” said Antenna Product Line Manager Kevin Hietpas. “These new GPS antennas reflect our commitment to providing reliable, accurate and durable solutions for precise navigation and location tracking.”

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