Submersible GNSS Systems Developed for UUVs

By Mike Ball / 22 May 2020
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Modulus Technology MiniPod Submersible GNSS ReceiverModulus Technology has launched a new family of GNSS systems that can withstand submersion at depths of several thousand metres, making them highly suited to ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles).

GNSS equipment for monitoring and recording the location of marine systems often needs to be installed above the water’s surface in order to avoid water damage. The new systems provide a solution to the challenge of how to accurately log the positions of target platforms that need to submerge while maintaining the operational integrity of GNSS equipment.

The most compact member of the family, the MiniPod 101G, is depth-rated to 50m and is ideal for smaller maritime unmanned systems where size, weight and limited mounting arrangements are critical factors. The 101G can be safely installed close to the water surface and will transmit its position to a mother vessel at ranges of up to 2km.

The MiniPod 103G and MiniPod 106G models are depth rated to 1000m and 6000m respectively, making them well-suited to observation-class or deep-water work-class ROVs. They can be used in conjunction with subsea acoustic positioning systems such as USBL to provide real-time monitoring of UUVs as well as USVs (unmanned surface vessels), enabling surface tracking/recovery and lost asset relocation.

The MiniPod 107GS combines the features and advantages of the other models in the lineup with IsatData Pro technology to provide a global satellite relocation service for remote asset monitoring. When installed on a subsea vehicle, accurate positional information can be transmitted to any location around the world once the vehicle has surfaced.

All models in the MiniPod range incorporate robust and shock-mounted dual band L1 + L2 receivers, and can be connected to the Atlas corrections service for increased accuracy.

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