New Tactical SATCOM Network Architecture Developed for Drones

Published: 09 Nov 2017 | Author: Mike Rees

Satellite networking for drones

Advantech Wireless, a developer of satellite broadband communications solutions, has announced the release of the new Tactical SATCOM Network Architecture for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

As the demand for UAVs grows, the aircraft capabilities need to increase in terms of data rates, area coverage and operation in a hostile environment. The ASAT II VSAT System technology developed by Advantech Wireless is designed to provide extended capabilities for low rate surveillance data and instantaneously switch to support both large video feeds as well as high data transmissions rates from and to the UAV.

“The UAV satellite market demands operation in a hostile environment. The ASAT II System core network is designed for HTS satellites, with built-in beam switching technology, very low latency, multiple up link carriers from several teleports and perfectly synchronized forward and return links,” stated Cristi Damian, VP Global Sales & Business Development, RF and Microwave Products at Advantech Wireless. “The ability to access large pools of bandwidth from the remote UAV, combined with low latency and high bandwidth efficiency, opens tremendous opportunities for UAV SATCOM networks,” added Mr. Damian. “Synchronized forward and return frequency assignment means resilience against jamming and low probability of intercept for large tactical UAVs. Fast beam switching, and very short data frames, enables perfect coordination for the drone swarms concept.”