SRC to Showcase Silent Archer Counter-UAS System

By Mike Ball / 22 Mar 2017
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SRC Silent Archer Counter-UAS system

SRC has announced that the company will showcase its Silent Archer counter-UAS technology at the Navy League’s Sea Air Space Exposition.

SRC’s counter-UAS technology is currently in production and has been used to provide VIP protection and security at high profile events such as the G8 and G20 Summits as well as the 2012 Summer Olympics. The company has recently been awarded a U.S. Army contract worth $65 million to deliver, integrate and sustain 15 counter-UAS systems (10 mobile, 5 fixed configurations).

SRC has demonstrated the effectiveness of its counter-UAS capabilities at U.S. government-sponsored events, such as JIAMDO’s Black Dart, the Army Warfighting Assessment (AWA), Network Integration Evaluation (NIE), and Maneuvers and Fires Integrated Exercise (MFIX).

SRC’s counter-UAS technology includes its turnkey, system of systems solution called the Silent Archer system. As a whole, this product provides defense against low, slow and small UAS threats including groups 1 and 2 (small fixed wing drones and quadcopters).

The Silent Archer system comprises an air surveillance radar, an EW system, a direction finding unit and an EO/IR camera. A user display then ties all the data feeds together in one operational picture to facilitate the decision making process for engaging the threat. The system’s multiple sensors work together to detect, track, classify, identify and, if necessary, defeat hostile UAS.

It uses a layered and scalable approach to detect and classify drones as friendly or hostile, using a combination of RF detection algorithms and radar tracking, coupled with an EO/IR camera that allows operators to maintain “eyes on” UAS in protected airspace. Together, the systems accurately identify and track threats using layered radar signature data and electronic surveillance information. The integrated EO/IR camera slews to track targets and provides additional identification information to operators.

Once a friendly or hostile discrimination has been made against the UAS target, the system is capable of delivering an array of non-kinetic, zero-cost, precision EW and cyber effects against the UAS and its control system. It can also integrate seamlessly with supplemental weapons systems and sensors to offer a true layered defense solution that includes high energy laser systems, close in weapons systems, and surface-to-air missile systems. As a benefit of the Silent Archer system’s modular design, sensors and weapons systems can be added and swapped to meet critical mission needs.

The flexible system can be configured for expeditionary mobile operations, fixed-site installations, or fly-away kit deployments. Its versatility is ideal for protecting military forces, and critical infrastructure, like ports and harbors.

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