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Strategies to Transition Hydrographic Offices to S-100

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  • April 22, 2020 - Available on Demand
  • CARIS-Webinar Transitioning to S-100

    Learn about strategies for transitioning your organization to S-100 using CARIS HPD.

    CARIS has been involved with and supporting IHO standards for more than 30 years and has been contributing and developing S-100 related solutions since the inception of S-100. Since 2012, Teledyne CARIS has been providing the software tools needed to produce and evaluate a variety of draft specifications.

    Since the release in 2019 of HPD 4, CARIS users can implement and test IHO S-101 Edition 1 in their production environment without disturbing their existing production lines. This solution includes a very comprehensive automatic conversion solution from S-57 to S-101, but S-101 has potential to deliver more value than just converted S-57 data, so conversion is only an initial step towards the true value of S-101. It is, however, likely that co-production of S-57 and S-101 will be a reality for some time, and in this time the best of the two standards should be utilized (and not the least). Teledyne CARIS is offering solutions to support this reality and considering how a combination of production enhancements, automation, data restructuring and changes to production workflows will be needed to enable co-production without forcing significant additional workload on producing agencies. Teledyne CARIS is offering workshops and consulting services to help producing agencies understand and prepare for their future production needs.

    As the market leader, Teledyne CARIS has a comprehensive knowledge of hydrographic offices’ workflows and is uniquely positioned to help with transitioning these workflows to S-100. This webinar will focus on describing and analyzing strategies to transition hydrographic offices to S-100 and will evaluate these strategies in terms of risks, challenges, and changeover duration.

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