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Watch the Dynautics ‘How To’ Video Series

By Dynautics Ltd / 10 May 2020
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Dynautics have created a series of ‘How To’ videos covering Autopilot fitting and the survey benefits, AUV and SHIP Simulator demonstrations, Modular Phantom AUV and many more. See below (and keeping checking back for new videos)…

Video 1: The Dynautics Spectre Autopilot Joystick:

This robust, precise and safe joystick interfaces to all Spectre autopilots. It gives a very fine degree of control as it talks directly to the autopilot.

Video 2: A Guide and Introduction to E-boat Autopilots, including the E-Boat-T (Autopilot with Torqeedo Interface):

Small electric boats can be designed, or converted, to use Dynautics E-Boat series of lower power consuming but powerful autopilot systems. When integrated with survey applications such as EIVA, Hypack, HydroMagic or QPS (Qinsy) surveys can be completed more efficiently.

Video 3: How the Dynautics vehicle simulator reduces the time from concept to launch of UUV’s and USV’s:

The Dynautics UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) or USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) simulator products are an invaluable development tool when designing or tuning the control system of your vehicle.

This video demonstrates how easy the simulator is to set up and configure.

The time taken from concept to a successful mission can be reduced through the use of the simulator, allowing the designer to iterate the design on the desk top, in a simulated environment, as opposed to expensive and time consuming sea trials on the water.

Sea trials can be time consuming and costly but with our simulator you can test every aspect of your mission from a laptop and go to sea with total confidence.

Video 4: From Concept to Product in 100 days – Designing the Phantom UUV:

The US Navy approached Dynautics to design a new UUV to tight specifications. Using their existing simulation software (AUV SIM) and proven control and guidance technology, with the Underwater Spectre firmware and hardware, Dynautics successfully designed, manufactured and delivered the new Phantom UUV to the US Navy. Within just 100 days, the new UUV had been designed, delivered, tested and accepted.

This video explains how Dynautics can use a combination of tools, technologies and rapid prototyping techniques to provide a fully customisable design to suit individual customer mission requirements.

Henry Robinson, Dynautics CEO, commented, ‘ We wanted to reach out to our customers and let them know we are working remotely and open for business and use the ‘How to’ series of videos to share our expertise’ also he stated ‘Over the next few weeks we will be releasing several How To videos which will demonstrate our product range and support our ‘The Brains Behind Unmanned Missions’  campaign.

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