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Embention Introduces the Software Version 6.8 for Veronte Autopilot

By Embention Embention / 02 Sep 2022
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Embention has released the software version 6.8 for Veronte Autopilot. This new software has been updated to adapt to the latest requirements coming from users and the certification authorities. This means a significant change in the overall system architecture. Now, Veronte Pipe has been divided into specific tools for each one of the teams involved in the autopilot configuration, integration, tuning and operation.

- Link: Interconnect multiple control stations and autopilot units
- PDI Builder: Parametrize the autopilot for a specific vehicle
- PDI Calibration: Setup calibration parameters in the autopilot
- HIL Simulator: Perform HIL simulations with the real autopilot hardware
- PDI Tuning: Tune autopilot control laws during the real flight
- EOC Updater: Manage system updates
- FDR: Manage autopilot files
- Veronte APP: Operate and monitor the vehicle during the mission

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