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APACHE 4 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey USV with ADCP

By CHC Nav / 19 May 2022
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Discover ChC Navigation’s Apache 4 unmanned survey vehicle (USV). It is a cutting-edge hydrographic USV that can carry all major ADCP sensors and comes equipped with a single-beam echo sounder to make flow velocity and discharge measurements over the current section. The APACHE 4 is a perfect solution, especially in places that are difficult to reach by a manned boat, such as in front of dam structures, or can be hazardous such as for flood level measurements.

Advantages of APACHE 4 marine drone:
# Compatible with all major ADCP systems
# Integrated single beam echo sounder
# Built-in adaptive water flow technology for straight line and stable hovering
# Interrupted positioning with GNSS + IMU sensors

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